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What are bulk ticket orders?

Bulk Ticket orders allow you to pre-print some, or all, of your remaining unsold tickets for quick cash and check sales at the door or in a location without ready access to the internet. This is a great option for speeding up the purchase process at the door during the pre-show rush. Bulk tickets are also a great way to prepare for at-door sales in a venue with bad or no internet access, since you can print them before getting to the venue.  

To create a Bulk Ticket order, go into the seating chart for the event you wish to reserve and select the number of seats for bulk tickets.  Once you have selected seats, hit the CHECKOUT button, and on the following screen, in the drop down field under Payment Method, choose Bulk Ticket. Then hit CUSTOMER INFORMATION.  Click CHECKOUT, and it will process this order immediately. You will then have the option to print your order with your Bulk Tickets. If you do not wish to print the order right away, you will be able to look it up later for printing by going to Customers Search/Edit and entering whatever name you had chosen for your Bulk Ticket order.  The system will find your order, and you will hit REPRINT OPTIONS.