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1) Organization/Business Name must be a registered business and cannot be an individual. This name must also match who payments are made out to.

2) The first username you create will be automatically assigned the ADMIN role.

We will need to receive a W9 for your organization prior to issuing your first payment. This simple tax form confirms the identify of your organization and helps determine if any 1099’s will be required at the end of the year. If your sales meet certain state/federal thresholds, we will supply you with a 1099-Misc (ad revenue) and/or 1099-K (Gross Credit Card sales) by January 31st for the prior year. Please note this is a common IRS reporting document and not a tax bill.

You have four methods to submit a W9. Please choose one of the following:

1.) In the coming days, you will receive a separate email from our tax partners at, with a link to finish your W9 electronically. You can forward the email to the responsible party in your organization for completion.
2.) Email a completed W9 form to We have provided a link below to a blank W9 form for your convenience.
3.) Fax a completed W9 form to 702-430-1050. We have provided a link below to a blank W9 form for your convenience.
4.) Mail a completed W9 form to:
Digital Theatre LLC/ShowTix4U
1027 South Rainbow Blvd #191
Las Vegas, NV 89145