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Navigation: Login-->Select Main Menu-->Select CREATE FLEXPASS

Description: FlexPass is a great way to set up "season passes" for your company.


To create a Flex Pass, access the main menu and choose Create Flex Pass.  In the how many Flex passes field you will enter the total number of Passes that you will be making available.   In the next field you will decide how many tickets each individual will be receiving with their Flex Pass.  Enter the price of the Flex Pass into the price field.  Next will enter our date information.  If you wish to offer a presale, you will enter the start and end dates in the presale fields along with a password.  If you do not want a presale, leave those fields blank.  The Public Sales Start and End dates will determine when Flex Passes will be available for sale online to your patrons.  Your Box Office Sale End should be set to how long you want to be able to manage this Flex pass for.  Next you can decide what events and what performance times the flex pass tickets can be redeemed on.  Once you have set the redeemable performances, click create Flex pass.  Your Flex Pass will be created and will appear alongside your other events.

Here is a video tutorial of all of the steps above