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Navigation: Login--> Select Main Menu--> Select COUPONS from menu--> Select ONE COUPON CODE

Description: Here you will create a COUPON NAME this is how you will remember the coupon for editing purposes. You will then create a COUPON CODE this is the code that you will pass out to patrons and they will enter when completing their purchase. It is important to know that Coupons are case sensitive and patrons will need to include the "C-" when entering the Coupon Code. After completing the Coupon Name and Code, you will then be able to enter how many TOTAL redemptions are allowed for this code (NUMBER OF REDEMPTIONS), which shows it may be redeemed for, as well as the time frame during which this Coupon Code is able to be redeemed.

Details: This is a great way to pass out one code to a large group but it is important to remember that a single patron may redeem this code multiple times. The code will only become invalid once the time frame has ended or once the "Number of Redemptions" has been met.

Example: Coupon Code with "Number of Redemptions" set to 10
Bob uses 1
Sue uses 7
Mike uses 3
coupon is now invalid for other patrons.