ShowTix4U - Event Organizers Support Center


Navigation: Login-->Select Main Menu--> Select CLIENT PREFERENCES/USERS

Description: Here you will be able to make several important sections that allow you to make changes to your account and more.
1) USERS is where you are able to add, remove, and edit users.
2) CLIENT PREFERENCES contains your business information, you can update all information EXCEPT for the Business/Organization name.
3) MARKETING, this section will contain the marketing tools our company has created for you to use, as well as a URL that you may customize to help lead your patrons directly to your events box office page.
4) OPTIONS, this section allows you to enter in who refereed you, if you will allow donations or not, and much more. Probably the most important options you have are wether or not you want to allow our Call Center to perform Exchanges or Refunds for your patrons.
5) TAGS: Here you can create tags that will help you follow how well certain marketing choices are working or track what type of patrons you are attracting. Example: #radio, patrons may enter this TAG during the purchase process and our system can track how many people bought tickets because of a radio you may have created.