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How to postpone your event (minimal impact):

-Postponing your event (minimal impact)
-Postponing your event may seem daunting, but this allows you to keep your ticket sales and does not incur additional fees for patrons. Once new dates are selected, you can choose “Edit” under the event gear icon and update the EXISTING event dates, when you know them. You may want to use the "Event Subtitle” field for each date to list the original date of the performance. You can then communicate to patrons that their tickets will be good for a later date (see “Reminders" below). You can accept the tickets they already have with the old date on them or you can use the “Search” feature and “Re-Email” tickets once the dates have been revised in the system. In this scenario, you must ultimately decide if you want to allow refunds for those patrons who can not attend or are simply asking for a refund. Please keep in mind, ShowTix4U fees are non-refundable. If allowing refunds, patrons would lose the fees that were paid and may incur additional fees if they purchase again at a later time.

-The ShowTix4U site and staff will not refund any tickets sales without your express permission through settings in your account. Client users should login to ShowTix4U, access the main menu, choose “Client Preferences/Users” and scroll down to “Options.” Please check the setting for “Allow Refunds.” If set to “Yes,” you are giving your patrons, your users, and ShowTix4U permission to refund the face value of any tickets. If you wish to not offer refunds by policy or because you are simply postponing your event, set this option to “No.” In this case, patrons who contact us will be informed that your organization does not allow for refunds.

-If you are wanting to communicate with patrons that have purchased tickets for an event, you can easily download all their email addresses by accessing “Search” from the main menu. Choose the Event from the “Events/FlexPass” drop down and click “Search.” Scroll to the very bottom of the found set and click the “Export CSV” button. Open the downloaded CSV file and you will find a column listing all the email addresses. Please be sure to use a marketing email application or the BCC field in your email application so not to expose all the email addresses of fellow patrons.

-TIP: Most arts organizations rely on box office revenue to support their activities. By postponing your event or requesting patrons to consider their purchase for a now cancelled event as a donation or credit instead of a refund, your organization may weather these challenging times.