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Ticketing during unpredictable times

We are writing to communicate your ticketing options as you navigate your specific situation in regards to the Coronavirus.  Communities have been impacted differently and each producer, artistic director, principal, or teacher with decision-making authority must determine whether the show should proceed as scheduled or postponed until a later date. Assessing the situation with your colleagues, production team, board (if any) and all other stakeholders in your production will allow you to make the best decision possible.    

Ticketing Options (While listed in order of least to greatest impact on your organization, nothing is more important than the health and safety of your cast, crew, production team, audience, and community):

-Business as usual (no impact):
-Implementing safe and recommended precautions.

-Lower house count (minor impact): Lowering your number of tickets available allows for a less dense event and more space between patrons:


-Postponing your event (minimal impact):  Postponing your event may seem daunting, but this allows you to keep your ticket sales and there are no additional fees. Even if you do not know the dates, you can still communicate you are postponing and provide the dates at a later time. 


-Cancelling event (greatest impact): If there is a chance you will do the event at a later time, even if the dates are unknown, we recommend choosing to postpone. With cancelling, you will see a loss of revenue and fees. 



-The ShowTix4U site and staff will not refund any tickets sales without your express permission through settings in your account. Client users should login to ShowTix4U, access the main menu, choose “Client Preferences/Users” and scroll down to “Options.” Please check the setting for “Allow Refunds.” If set to “Yes,” you are giving your patrons, your users, and ShowTix4U permission to refund the face value of any tickets. If you wish to not offer refunds by policy or because you are simply postponing your event, set this option to “No.” In this case, patrons who contact us will be informed that your organization does not allow for refunds.

-If you are wanting to communicate with patrons that have purchased tickets for an event, you can easily download all their email addresses by accessing “Search” from the main menu. Choose the Event from the “Events/FlexPass” drop down and click “Search.” Scroll to the very bottom of the found set and click the “Export CSV” button. Open the downloaded CSV file and you will find a column listing all the email addresses. Please be sure to use a marketing email application or the BCC field in your email application so not to expose all the email addresses of fellow patrons.

-TIP: Most arts organizations rely on box office revenue to support their activities. By postponing your event or requesting patrons to consider their purchase for a now cancelled event as a donation or credit instead of a refund, your organization may weather these challenging times.

Please keep this email handy as you make decisions and prepare for your events. If you are needing additional assistance, as this is a fast-paced and unprecedented time, we ask for your patience as we try to assist all of our clients with the very best in customer service. Your best customer support options are to email, use the Live Chat feature on the site during normal business hours, or schedule a call using the following link:

Thank you again for all you do to share the arts with your communities.

The ShowTix4U Team