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RTMP Streaming Credentials

You can find your Streaming Credentials that will be entered into your streaming application by logging in at

Rehearsal RTMP Credential:

You can stream once into the rehearsal credentials for up to 4 hours. If you stop your stream for more than 5 minutes you will kill your rehearsal key and can not stream in to it again. If you need additional rehearsal time or would like more then 1 viewer of the rehearsal, you can setup an event or add a date to your existing event and use it as a rehearsal or live chat or email us and we can reset the rehearsal key.

Live Stream RTMP Credentials:

You can stream into this key for up to 4 hours. If you stop streaming for more than 5 minutes the key will reset. You will need to login to ShowTix4U and get your new key. We recomend you start streaming 20 minutes prior to your event.