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How long can I keep my Video On Demand (VOD) titles and how long do patrons have access.

Your Video On Demand content can remain on the site as long as you wish or is allowed by licensing.

When setting up a Video On Demand event, you set the Sales Start and End Date Times as well as the Video Availability Start and End Date/Time. The Video Availability date/time are typically determined by the licensing you have for your event. 

Patrons who purchase access to a Video On Demand stream have 48 hours to watch the content from the first time they start watching. This though WILL be limited if the Video Availability is less than 48 hours. We recommend having 24-48 hours between your Public Sale End (patrons no longer can purchase) and Video Availability End (patrons can no longer view).

The Video Availability dates do appear on the site and in the patron purchase email, and while it is possible to start sales for a Video On Demand prior to Video Availability, please keep in mind the impact this may have for patrons not understanding that the video will not be available until a later time.  

ShowTix4U also allows for a type of streaming called "Scheduled Content." Scheduled Content is prerecorded content you upload to the platform and tell to play one a specific day(s) and time. This will Live Stream your prerecorded content and patrons can only watch once, at that time for which their ticket allows.