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Streaming out of Zoom

Here is a video and as well as link to Zoom's Help Site where they give instructions on where you you enter your RTMP URL and Stream Key to stream your Zoom session out to your ShowTix4U event. A reminder your RTMP Streaming Credentials can be found on the ShowTix4U site under the Event Poster Gear Menu (Rehearsal) or the Event Date Gear Menu (For actual performance).

IMPORTANT: The individual who will initiate the stream from Zoom to your ShowTix4U event the day of rehearsal/performance will need to work from the desktop version of Zoom (not mobile or Chromebook). While your actors can use a mobile device or Chromebook, the person in charge of making the zoom session Live on ShowTix4U will need to be on the desktop version of zoom:

Here is a great webinar from our friends at the Educational Theatre Association on use of Zoom for performance: