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What are my streaming options if I have prerecorded content I want to stream?

It’s wonderful to see organizations like yours being creative and continuing to find ways of spreading the arts. 

For prerecorded content you have two ways to stream your content on our platform:

1.) Video On Demand: Patrons purchase a rental for 48 hours to view the video. You can setup your event now and leave it in “Draft” until you have the content, at which time you can upload the content and then “Publish" the event which starts the sales and ability for patrons to view.

2.) Scheduled Content: You schedule the video to play on a specific day(s) and specific time, like a Watch Party. All your patrons view together at the same time. If using this format you can setup and "Publish" the event now to start ticket sales. As you get closer to the first stream date, you will need to have your content uploaded. The stream then happens automatically on the day/times you choose.

Some organizations choose to do both methods. Have a watch party (Scheduled Content) and then after that date start Video On Demand. You would setup two separate events for this format.

To setup these events, all you will need to do is setup an account and your event on Once you have setup your event, you will receive an "Upload Email" (with upload links) that you can either forward to the whomever has your video content and they can upload it for you or they can give you the content and you can upload using the same email or by logging in to your account. 

Please keep in mind ShowTix4U offers Live Streaming an event as well.

If you haven’t already, please watch our Streaming Webinar which steps you through all of these options and how to setup your events:

If at any time you have questions, please do not hesitate to schedule a call at:

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