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Why do I need to supply a W9?

 ShowTix4U takes the security of the platform seriously and reviews all clients that signup to use the service. The W9 is one item that assists us in knowing who are our customers. 

Please note all companies are required to supply their clients, including tax exempt and nonprofits, that exceeded $20,000 USD and 200 credit card transactions with a 1099-K annually. Please note this is a common IRS reporting document and is not a tax bill. The 1099-K form simply reports gross credit card sales. If at any time you exceed $20,000 USD and 200 credit card transactions, we will be required to have your W9 so we can supply the 1099-K. If you do not exceed these totals, no 1099-K is required. More information on 1099-K can be found at: