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Connecting DSLR cameras to OBS

Using a DSLR camera(s) in OBS is a great way to get a high quality capture of your events. You will need to have a Video Capture Device to covert the camera feed into data (typically HDMI to USB). We recommend the Cam Link 4K, but any video capture device that is compatible with your camera and computer should work. You will also want a power supply for your camera. Also check and make sure the camera can have a "clean" output (full resolution, no text) and does not go to sleep automatically.

Once you connect the camera, video capture device, and install drivers if necessary, you can add the camera to OBS by creating a scene in OBS, adding a new Video Capture Device, source and then choosing your Video Capture Device that should now appear in the device list.

Recommended Video Capture Device:  Cam Link 4K:

Check camera compatibility with Cam Link 4K:

Video showing considerations connecting camera to Cam Link or any video capture device:

Video Showing Process of Connecting DSLR to OBS: