ShowTix4U - Event Organizers Support Center

Streaming your event to a television (TV)

ShowTix4U streaming is browser based (no apps). If you would like to watch the stream on a television, you can do so using Airplay or Chromecast. 

Airplay a video to Apple TV using Mobile Device
With your device connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Apple TV, start playing a video and tap the AirPlay icon in the lower right-hand corner of the player. Just like that, your selected video will begin playing on your TV!

Desktop Computer Airplay

If using a desktop computer, the Airplay icon will not appear in the player, you will want to use the native screen sharing of the computer monitor to stream your entire screen via Airplay or Cast and then put the player in full screen mode.

Cast a video to Chromecast

Chromecast does not allow you to cast your screen or tab from an iOS device. For this we recommend the application Replica

Roku (Windows and Android only),or%20Google's%20Chromecast%20screen%2Dmirroring.