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Current ShowTix4U Pricing

In-person event, per ticket
85¢ + 3.5% (MTI Show), 90¢ + 3.5% (non-MTI shows). Can be passed on to patron.
$0 Face Value In-Person Tickets, Cash, Check, Bulk Tickets
Streaming event, per ticket$1.85¢ + 3.5% (MTI Show), $1.90¢ + 3.5% (non-MTI shows). Can be passed on to patron or incurred by arts organization.
$0 Face Value Streaming Tickets$1.00 (always paid by arts organization)
Cash, Check, Bulk Streaming Tickets$1.00 (can be passed on to patron)
Direct electronic deposit (daily, weekly, monthly)Not available
Stop Checks$35