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Electronic Payouts, direct to your bank daily, weekly, or monthly (NEW!)

Now, more than ever, having full transparency and access to your revenue is key to the success of sharing the arts. ShowTix4U has partnered with Stripe, our payment processor, to offer DAILY, WEEKLY, or MONTHLY electronic deposits of your revenue direct to your bank account by leveraging new, secure payment technology. You can even deposit your event revenue and donations into two separate bank accounts, if needed! All of this built into the ShowTix4U pricing.

At the end of each day, after your customers payments are processed on Stripe, revenue is transferred to your Stripe Connect account all without touching any third-party bank accounts. This means you have full access, transparency, and control of when and where the funds are transferred. ShowTix4U doesn't have access to any of your banking information.

Starting January 1st, 2021, you will be able to sign-up directly in your ShowTix4U account for electronic deposit with your organization contact and banking information. 

This new innovative payment flow will get your revenue to you faster than ever before:

(Starting Jan 1st, 2021)

If you are unable to use Electronic Deposit, and would rather have hard checks sent upon the closing of your event, please visit our Check Payout FAQ.