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TEST YOUR NETWORK AND INTERNET SPEEDS: Before you decide to live stream, test your network and internet speeds. Click to read more.

CHOOSE A BROADCASTING/STREAMING APPLICATION: Click to see our recommended broadcasting/streaming applications and their best use cases. The best part, many of them are free. Keep in mind you can use ANY application that outputs RTMP to stream into your ShowTix4U event. If you do not have the internet speed or desire to Live Stream, these applications can also be used to record your event for later uploading to the ShowTix4U platform for Video On Demand or Scheduled Content. Click to read more. 

CONSIDER AUDIO: Having a good clean audio feed to your stream can greatly improve the patron experience and take you to the next level. Click here to learn more about our favorite audio interfaces. ShowTix4U does not sell this equipment and is not connected with any vendors. We simply like to share with you our knowledge, experience, and favorite toys Click to read more.

STREAM EARLY: We recommend you go live and start streaming approximately 15 minutes before the event, even if you are streaming just a blank screen or a logo/ads. This will make it so patrons who are coming into the stream already are receiving your feed. It is not a problem if you are not streaming, as most computers and mobile devices will autostart the feed for patrons once you begin sending signal, but older browsers may need a refresh to see the stream. By streaming early, you eliminate any patrons with older browsers from needing to refresh once you start your stream as they will enter the stream already with a feed.