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Setting Up and Configuring NewTek Tricaster

NewTek Tricaster
In order to stream on ShowTix4U using a NewTek Tricaster, you must use the manual RTMP configuration. With a broadcast system this advanced, you likely have multiple input sources that you'll want to make sure are all working and properly configured. Once all input sources are set up in the broadcast switcher, you can get your RTMP credentials from ShowTix4U.

The next step is to configure your stream settings in the Tricaster. First, in Tricaster, click on the gear icon near the Stream button to see all the options for configuring your live stream. In this window, select Adobe Flash Encoder. From ShowTix4U, copy the RTMP URL and paste it into the Location field in Tricaster, then copy the Stream Key from ShowTix4U and paste it into the Stream field in Tricaster.

When you are ready to go live, click the Stream button.


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