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Setting Up and Configuring OBS or ShowStream

Below are the steps to going live with OBS or ShowStream.


What is OBS:  Open Broadcaster Software is free open source broadcasting/streaming software for Mac and Windows desktop computers.


Adding RTMP info into OBS/ShowStream:

Setting Encoder settings in OBS/ShowStream:

Upload Speed


Required Bitrate

Under 1.5 Mbps


300-800 kbps

1.5 Mbps to 5 Mbps


500-1500 kbps

5 Mbps to 10 Mbps


1000-3000 kbps

10-20 Mbps


2000-5000 kbps

                  If your internet speeds allow you to stream BELOW 1080 set the Output Resolution (second field) to what your network allows based on the chart above and set the Base Resolution to the highest quality of your camera or video content (ie. if your cameras or video content comes in at 1080 set to 1080. If it comes in at 720 set to 720.


Go Live!

Connecting Cameras to OBS:


Integrate Skype calls into OBS via NDI